What I’ve Been Painting (an update)

I haven’t posted in a little while and thought I would update on what I’ve been painting. I have been trying to paint every day now even if for just a little while. I know I need to paint a lot to get better. So I’ve been painting small while in the past I often paint large. And, I have some new painting friends that like to paint en plien air so I did my first outdoor paintings last week. I hope to do much more now that the weather is warmer.

So here are a couple of paintings, the ones I am more pleased with, done recently. There is an opportunity to hang some smaller paintings in a library next month so I am hoping to get one or two in there. Do you have an opinion on which of these is best?

Mills River Barn

This is a barn at the entrance to the Mills River Park in Jericho Vermont. I took photos of it last year, and finally got around to giving it a go. I like the shape and color vibrancy of the red barn and green foliage.

Clump of Birch Trees

Most of you know I like birch trees. This time I wanted to paint a clump of birches, in spring, with a bright spring green backdrop. The daffodils in the foreground around the trees is inspired by my back garden which has these daffodils in front of a couple of beautiful birches.

Nuthatch at the Feeder

I am always taking photos of the birds around our house, and this nuthatch was a great example. I love they way they perch themselves.

 More detailed blog posts hopefully coming soon. Thanks for visiting.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Painting (an update)”

  1. Tough to choose between the barn and the birches, but if I had to, I would say the birches.

  2. I enjoy the loose strokes of the tree in the barn painting – especially in the lower right corner. Great job with these. I also enjoy the birches 🙂 I do like the bird but it just doesn’t have the same impact as the other two for some reason.

    Looking again, the barn painting does come across the best to me. Simplistic, yet detailed and loose.

  3. Thanks Brandon. I hope you are getting time to paint. I was on a role then work got busy… hope to get back to it very swoon. Appreciate your comments.

  4. After some thought, my vote is for the barn and the magnificent tree. If that tree hadn’t been included then I think I would have chosen the birches!

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