“Sap Run” Painting Now on YouTube

My most recent painting is now on youtube in a time-lapse video, with commentary, so you can see the process of how I painted it. Click to go to youtube video.

It includes my commentary on decisions I made along the way. So check it out along with some other painting videos I have on my youtube channel.

Video taping and then editing that video is a time-consuming process, and I need to work on better camera placement and lighting. Hopefully I will get better as I go, but if you like the video hit the like button on youtube, and subscribe to my channel and that will encourage me to do more!

2 thoughts on ““Sap Run” Painting Now on YouTube”

  1. I think your Sap Run painting was done in oils, if I am not mistaken.  I followed your explicit and precise instructions – going through the instructions 4 or 5 tines before I put brush to canvas.  It’s not the same size, but if you want to see it (far inferior to yours) go to my facebook page Under “Debra Wallace Artigliere” and you can look at my last couple of paintings.  Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.  I admire your work tremendously.  I’m reluctant to write, but once I get started I can’t seem to stop.  Perhaps my real calling is to be a writer??
    Warm Regards, Debra Artigliere

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