Finally Here!

After a year of planning, and painting, the show I have been preparing for is finally here! It opened on the 12th, and the opening reception is October 15th from 1-4. 27 works, the majority of which were completed in the last 12 months. One huge benefit of getting ready for a gallery show is how it focuses you on painting whenever you can find a chance. No slacking. The hardest part may have been deciding which paintings get painted and which I had to move down the list to tackle another day. I have countless ideas for paintings yet to be done. We’ll see if I can keep the momentum. Although I will confess I do plan to take a short breather and enjoy what I’ve completed.

Seeing it all in one room is really quite exhilarating. Instead of seeing them one at a time, on an easel, having a room full of your work, framed and hung, gives you a different perspective on the body of work, but also each piece in it.

So for now, a sigh of relief. Thank you all for the support. I have many new things in mind, but right now I am going to enjoy the results. Come by the Gruppe Gallery on Barber Farm Road in Jericho Vermont between now and November 12th (check hours online) and see for yourself. Then shoot me a message and let me know what you think!