Welcome to the Creative Waters Art Blog!

I have set up this blog and website to accomplish the following goals:

  • Keep a Journal of my journey to become a better artist
  • Share my experiences with others and give back to the community
  • Share my work in order to solicit feedback
  • Make paintings available for sale

I hope to follow in the footsteps of some artists I admire who have not been afraid to put their learning process and artistic process out there for everyone to follow and learn from. For me the journey to becoming an artist involves a lot of mistakes and trail and error. If I can help other beginning or struggling artists learn from or avoid the mistakes I make, then all the better.

One of my inspirations for sharing is Brandon Schaefer who you can find online and on YouTube. He may be the  biggest reason I managed not to get stuck and frustrated when I began painting again. His encouragement to keep pushing through even when my work felt (to me) like crap and his devotion to sharing his journey and knowledge with others is inspirational.

I have many inspirational artists to share with you and will soon start a series of posts about some of them and why I find them inspirational. Continue reading “Welcome to the Creative Waters Art Blog!”